Apart from leading his own quartet, Ariel is also engaged in several other projects, including Trio De La Plata and the Iud-Thylin Duo

Trio De La Plata

A repertoire especially suited for the milongueros and all the people who loves the classic arrangements from the golden years of tango. With adaptations from the orchestra arrangements of Troilo, Pugliese, Darienzo or Di Sarli and also our own new versions of old tangos the Trio offers a danceable style full of new ideas and energy.
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Antonio Boyadjian

an Argentinean pianist, producer and composer.

He was born in Buenos Aires in 1979, and began studying piano at the age of nine. In 1996, he took initial piano and guitar courses at the National Conservatory of Buenos Aires. He studied with Daniel Escolar and Perla Gonilski. He continued with Maestra Carmen Scalcione and, in 2002, entered UNA (National University of Arts) to pursue a BA in musical arts under the mentorship of Maestra Inés Gómez Carrillo. Since 2002, he has performed as a soloist and in chamber ensembles in various stages of Buenos Aires, including the Auditorium of the National Conservatory of Buenos Aires, the San Rafael Auditorium, and La Scala de San Telmo. After several years of classical studies he became interested in Argentinean popular music, and took courses with Tango and Jazz referents Anibal Gluzman, Manuel Fraga, Dino Saluzzi, Alvaro Torres and Hernan Posetti. He has taken part in groups of traditional and contemporary tango such as Cuarteto La Bohemia, Sexteto Respiro and Trio Cordión.
Since 2006, Antonio Boyadjian has performed in more than two-hundred shows in Latin America, the US, Europe and Asia. He is Tanghetto’s leading pianist, a world leading band in electronic tango, with which he has recorded seven albums. His work with Tanghetto has received five nominations and two Gardel awards, and a Latin Grammy nomination for the album "Hybrid Tango II" in 2014. He has also participated as a pianist and keyboardist in musical plays such as the award-winning "Eva, el gran musical argentino" and "Sweeney Todd", both under the direction of Maestro Alberto Favero.
In addition to his vocation as a pianist he has fifteen years of experience in production. He has written and produced original music for film, theater and advertising industries. Between 2013 and 2016 he worked at the Radio Nacional Rock as the arts production coordinator, standing out as a composer of original music and producer of a variety of formats and artistic content, including a series of mash-up genre works.
Antonio is also an electronic music producer. Through his knowledge of digital production tools, and having investigated some of the subgenres of this universe, he seeks to generate musical works where the electronic component does not function as mere accompaniment but as the main structure from which the works develop. From this perspective, he is currently working in New York City where he has presented his new project, Mashup Tango, which explores the merging of tango and different genres, with electronic treats. Antonio has recently performed at the The National Sawdust and Nublu, in NYC, as the leading pianist of Ariel Iud Quartet and Trio de la Plata.

Agustin Uriburu

an Argentinean cellist, guitarist and composer.

He began his musical studies at the age of 10 and graduated with honors as a cello performer from the National University of Arts (U.N.A) in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He studied jazz and harmony with Marcelo Mayor, Marcelo Moguilevsky and Ricardo Ozán. During 2006 he resided in Paris where he perfected his jazz studies with the Argentinian pianist, Sergio Gruz.
Agustin has been performing with remarkable ensambles of tango, jazz, classical, rock/pop and soul over the past 10 years with whom he has toured Argentina, South Korea, United States and Colombia. In Buenos Aires he played in tango ensembles such as R.U.C. Tango Trio, Josefina Rozenwasser, Patricio Noé Crom, Alan Haksten Grupp. He also worked with renowned jazz musicians and groups such as Leo Genovese, Sergio Wagner & Strings, Jesús Fernández 4.0, and Sol Liebeskind. For 3 years (2008-2010), Agustin played with the Orquesta de la Universidad de Buenos, performing Operas and Concertos of the Classic repertoire. Agusitn has also been leading his own project of innovative music, the Agustin Uriburu trio.
In NYC he has collaborated with the prolific jazz pianist Leo Genovese playing at the legendary Minton's, and with legendary former Piazolla and Pugliese bandoneonist Daniel Binelli and the Astoria Tango Orchestra.

Ariel Iud

an Argentinean composer, arranger and bandoneonist

He has been playing both contemporary and traditional tango in Europe, Asia and North and South America. He attended the Escuela de Musica Popular de Avellaneda in Buenos Aires where he started his career playing in the Tango Orchestra directed by former Osvaldo Pugliese’s Orchestra musicians Rodolfo Mederos and Mauricio Marcelli. He also studied with renowned bandoneon masters such as Nestor Marconi, Horacio Romo, Walther Castro and Carlos Corrales as well as perused studies in composition with Eduardo Criscuolo and later with Fernando Otero.
Since he moved to New York in 2013 he has played and recorded with prominent tango and jazz musicians, including Paquito d’Rivera, Daniel Binelli, Pablo Aslan and Emilio Solla and with the Ariel Iud Quartet. He has performed in important New York venues, such as the Blue Note, Carnegie Hall, Zinc Bar and Pregones Theater. Ariel is the co-founder of the Astoria Tango Orchestra featuring the legendary bandoneonist Daniel Binelli as musical director. In 2016, he released his debut album, produced by Fernando Otero with the New York based singer Theresia Thylin and the Ariel Iud Quartet with original compositions and tango arrangements.

Iud-Thylin Duo

With a repertoire that includes a wide variety of Latin American music rhythms alongside with American and European classics, this duo offers a unique repertoire with the harmonic richness of Ariels bandoneon and the powerful and expressive voice of Theresia. Spanning from tango and folkloric Argentinian songs, to the chanson française, the American blues and Swedish traditional songs, this duo presents a musical journey that should not be missed.


Theresia Thylin Started singing already as a child and made her debut in Swedish national television at 8 year old. After having studied music in Sweden, Theresia moved to Latin America where she started singing Latin American music and tango. She has performed at some of the most important jazz and tango clubs and national arenas both in Peru, Colombia and New York as well as toured with different groups in the US, Europe and Asia. Just before moving to New York in 2012, Theresia lived in Bogota, Colombia, where she first met and started working with Ariel at the popular tangueria/ tango show Bogotango.